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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Don’t go away nal ttonagajima
(Don’t go away, don’t leave me)
michin deut saranghetdon ne du neneul bwa
(Look into my eyes that loved you crazily)
Baby don’t let me cry jebal-larullijima
(Baby don’t let me cry, please don’t make me cry)
saranghetdon noneun odie
(Where are you, who I used to love?)
sarangttawin an midosseo
(I didn’t believe in a thing called love)
gochilgeman sarasseo
(I only lived roughly)
na saneun sesangi geuresseo
(The world lived in was like that)

morieseo jiwonneunde
(I erased you from my head)
gaseumeseo namaseo
(But you remain in my heart)
noreul biwonel suga eobseo
(So I can’t empty you out)
ulliji anketdago
(I won’t make you cry)
jongmal jarhagetdago
(I’ll really be good)
no obsin nan sal su opdago
(I can’t live without you)

don’t go away nan neo hanappunya
(Don’t go away, I only have you alone)
jukdorong-neo hanaman saranghaneunde
(I love only you to death)
gyote neurisseoseo sojunghan jul mollaseo
(You were always by my side so I didn’t know how precious you are)
saranghae neo dashi dorawa
(I love you, please come back)
yuri choreom buseojilkka barabogiman hesseo
(In case you broke like glass, I only looked at you)
geuge sarangin jurarasseo
(I thought that was what love was)
ni moseubi areun goryo nunmuri apeul garyo
(Your image flickers before my eyes, my tears block my vision)
iroda na michil got gata
(I think I’ll go crazy at this rate)

sarangi iroke apeun goramyon
(If love was this painful)
dubon dashi sarang anhallae
(I won’t ever love again)

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